Suomen Tanskandoggi ry – The Great Dane Club of Finland was founded in 1972 and ever since its active officials and members have worked for the benefit of the breed. Initially the Club functioned under the Finnish Companion and Toy Dog Club as a member club and later as it grew and all necessary requirements (including the number of registered Danes) were met, the Great Dane Club of Finland was granted breed club status by the Finnish Kennel Club.

The primary goal of the Great Dane Club of Finland is to preserve the Great Dane breed as described in the breed standard in terms of temperament, appearance and health. A healthy, beautiful Great Dane with a great temperament is the goal of our Club and its breeding committee.

There are several committees that function under the Club, including but not limited to the breeding, rescue, and show committees. Each committee has an important role in our strive for the betterment of the breed. Individual people spare no effort in their work for our beloved breed. These are the makings of a well-functioning and structured breed club which has several issues on its plate.

Regional chapters have been set up to cater for the local Dane enthusiasts by bringing people together and providing activities in close proximity to Dane owners. Thus the regional chapters play a major role within the Great Dane Club.

The Great Dane Club of Finland publishes its own magazine “Tanskandoggi” 4 times a year. The magazine covers current events, show and trial results, health statistics and other issues pertaining to the breed and owning a Great Dane.

Our Specialty Show, an official show approved by the Finnish Club, is organised annually in varying locations across the country. Accredited, accomplished breeder judges are invited from all over the world to judge this show. In addition to the Specialty Show, the Club organizes unofficial shows such as the Color Format and the Puppy, Junior and Veteran Show. These shows do not adhere to official show rules and regulations but rather have their own customized rules. Judges at these events need not be official judges and thus breeders and other long-term enthusiasts are often called to judge these shows.

The breeding committee has a major role in the development and maintenance of our breed. The committee works by helping and guiding breeders according to their needs, following the protocol approved by the general meeting of the Club. Each of the color groupings, black-harlequin, blue, and fawn-brindle, has its own breeding advisor – a breeder of said color with sufficient knowledge to function as an advisor. The committee also has expert members such as a show judge and a veterinarian, and assembles regularly to develop its operations and to make breeding-related decisions. Litters approved by the committee are available through the Club’s litter list.

As president of Great Dane Club of Finland I wish to welcome everyone to familiarize themselves with the Great Dane breed through our website. The site will be updated regularly and is being developed by an active Internet committee.

Sincerely, Teija Salmi-Aalto